Let’s Talk About Brochure Content

Before we can get into the content, let’s start at at the beginning… the cover. Why would you bother to open this brochure?

A brochure is not a piece that is used to talk about you, it is a marketing piece. It is a very important marketing piece and it should be used to tell the reader what’s in it for them, what problems you can solve for them, why should they come to you. So take out your brochure and look at it really look at it like you never saw it before and be critical. If you didn’t know the company, would you have any reason to open the brochure to find out more?

The cover is important because it should give someone a reason to open your brochure. What’s on the front of your brochure? Is it your photo or a photo of your building? That’s not a reason for them to open your brochure. Try changing it to a compelling photo, or a statement that calls for action, or ask a question… give them a reason to look inside.

Once they’re inside write your brochure in a way that tells them why they should be calling you ,what are you going to do for them. Make sure there is a call to action. For example:

• Call us today for a free quote

• Call us today and let us prove her commitment to you

• Go to our website

• Go to our website and sign up for our free report

Don’t waste this advertising opportunity…you have them looking at your business make them do something to get their information so you have the opportunity to make them your customer. Make sure your phone number and contact information is in more than one location. It should be on the inside and the outside of the brochure. If they want to contact you, don’t make them search for your information.

You can talk about yourself or your business on the back panel, add your mission statement on the back panel or the inside flap from the back panel – BUT the inside spread of your brochure should be all about what’s in it for them, what benefit can you offer them that your competition can’t, what makes you different. Write your content so that it explains what you do, but does it in a way so the read what’s in it for them.

Studies have shown that it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in business, how many employees you have, how many trucks you have, they want to know what you can do for them. For example if their hot water tank or furnace goes out in the middle of the night they’re going to look for someone that offers emergency service, they don’t care how long you’ve been in business or how many employees you have, they only care that you offer 24 hour emergency service – everything else is irrelevant.

Finally, please make sure that your brochure is on quality paper, professionally printed that your margins are correct and that the look is consistent with your corporate image. This is a very important marketing piece for your business, do it right.

So now that you’ve looked at your brochure, if it’s not what you need, re-do it if you need help give us a call . . . we do that.

What is a Marketing Audit

A marketing audit is a comprehensive review of a company’s marketing including its goals, objectives and strategies.

The goal of a marketing audit is to see what’s working, what isn’t and to find out what is missing. We evaluate the performance of your existing marketing and find out what your business wants out of its marketing strategy so we can determine a plan of action. We help you understand your marketing strengths and weaknesses, so you can make solid decisions about where to put your resources in the future. A marketing audit should be performed by someone outside of your company. They will be able to look at your marketing objectively and provide inside from a different prospective.

Reasons to Have a Marketing Audit 

1.  Make Sure Your Marketing Aligns With Your Goals

Like a business plan, your marketing plan needs to change to stay current with your changing needs. You should perform a marketing audit every few years to make sure your marketing is staying in line with the goals you set and to make any necessary adjustments.

2. To See What is Working, What is Not Working and What is Missing

Looking at all of your marketing will allow you to see what is working, how you can adjust what is not working and once you know what is missing, you can add that to your marketing arsenal.

3. Get Insight Into Your Competition 

A marketing audit will look the current market, your target market and your competition. Looking into your competition will give you the opportunity to see how you compare. This insight can help you level the playing field or rise above.

4.  New Strategies and Ideas

Once your weakness are identified, you can find new ways to achieve your goals and make your marketing budget go further. You will look at your products or services to see how they solve your customers challenges and what makes you different from your competitors. You may also find new ideas to from something your competition is doing that you can change and make your own.

5. Saves you Time and Money

You may find you were wasting money on marketing that was not producing results. The audit will help refocus to make sure you are spending your marketing dollars on things that provide  a return on your investment.

Remember, if you need help…we do that! We would be happy to help you grow your business!

Be Seen, Heard and Found

All marketing for your business depends on you being SEEN, HEARD and FOUND, so let’s talk about that.

Being SEEN – this is the easy one! Your company name is seen on…

  • Print – brochures, business cards, postcards
  • Wearables – put your logo on your shirts, hats, jackets
  • Signs – on your building, decals, banners
  • Mail – direct mail pieces you send out
  • Vehicle Lettering – or magnetic signs on your vehicle
  • In Person – when you attend a networking event (especially if your name is on your shirt!)

Being HEARD – a little more difficult. You have to make this one happen.

  • Webinar – host or teach a webinar
  • Sponsor an Event – you are usually given a few minutes to talk about your company
  • Video – create a video and post it on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube
  • Word of Mouth – when someone refers your business – this is the best way to be heard!

Being FOUND – a little more work, but the most important one!

  • Website – EVERY business needs a web presence – there is no exception. Even if it is only a one page website. Please make sure it looks professional. This is the first place someone will go to check on your business.
  • Social Media – you should have at least one social media account. Which one is best for you depends on the type of business you have and who your customer is. Click here for a chart showing the differences and page 2 has the links for each.
  • Local Search – It doesn’t do any good to have a website if no one can find it! Make sure you are listed on all of the major search engines (at least the top ten – see the list below). Even more importantly, make sure your listings are up to date, correct and that your message is consistent.
  • While we can help you with everything else we have listed, for Local Search there are companies that provide this service and do a great job at it – you should choose a company that is in your area (local). Our company uses Mimi Vanderhaven and we have been very happy with the service they provide.

List of top 10 search engines:

Make sure your business is seen, heard and found